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2-wheel Caster Skateboards
Plastic Skateboards (Penny Skateboard)
2-independent Skateboards
Portable 3-wheel Skateboard (Sole Skate)
3/4-wheel Caster Skateboards
2-wheel Caster Scooters (Whiplash, Siege)
Kick Scooters
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•  Profile
   Total area of:
   12170 Square Metre
   (131000 Square Foot)
   Built in 2001

Staff Details

    Production Staff: 151 to 250
    QC Staff: 21 to 30
    R&D Staff: 5 to 10

Site Advantages/Description
    We have a total of 5 assembly lines. The close proximity to Ningbo and   Shanghai ensures greater efficiency, faster lead time   and on-time delivery.

   Our factory location allows us to offer our customers lower prices because of reduced production costs.

   All our factory workers are selected for their technical specialty. We train them extensively and qualify them before they are allowed on the factory floors.


    Our materials are 20% imported and 80% locally sourced

Machinery/Production Process
    Operations include:
               •   Injection
               •   Molding
               •   Riveting
               •   Milling
               •   Bending
               •   Punching
               •   Sewing

•  Standards & Approvals

A front view of our factory
Plastic injection machines line
Contact Details

Topson Industry Co., Ltd.

Company Address:
No. 215 Tongling West Road,

Economic Development Area,

Yongkang, 321300, Zhejiang, China

Tel: +86 579 8721 5508

Fax: +86 579 8721 5500

E-mail Address: sales@cntopson.com

Homepage: http://www.cntopson.com


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